Redo Your House for the Summer

Now that summer is on its way, consider freshening up your house with bargain purchases from a family oriented store. Add splashes of bright color with new throw pillows or floral throws. A new landscape painting or wall hanging can immediately perk up a room.  If you shop at the right place, a whole new look for your home can be yours for very little money.
First, give your home a deep cleaning to rid the rooms of that winter funk.  Then remove all the pillows and throws from the furniture and take down the wall hangings.  Now you’ve given yourself a blank canvas.
To help you decide what new colors you want, you can drape either swatches of fabric or vivid towels on the furniture. This process will help you decide what new tints will look best in your room.
After you have your colors in mind, go to a bargain family store, such as the Salvation Army in Austin, and look for home décor items.  Throw pillows are an inexpensive way to give a fresh look to a room, and something bold and beautiful for the walls also immediately changes the entire décor. Different picture frames, candle holders, and floral arrangements can also give your home an affordable visual boost.
Giving your home a fresh summer look doesn’t have to cost much money.  A few dollars spent wisely at a bargain store can transform a bland, wintery room into a bright and inviting summer haven.  For the locations of stores in Austin, visit

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