Visit the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has a strong presence in Austin, and that is evidence of the generosity of the people in the area. Around here, people remember those that are less fortunate, and they do all that they can in order to make their lives better. The Salvation Army is the intermediary between donors and receivers, and they accept anything that you are willing to offer in order to help the needy. They’ll even make a trip to your home and pick up the things that you are giving away. From product donations to monetary donations around Christmas time, the Salvation Army is one of the most recognized charity organizations in the United States.

When people think of donating items, books, chairs and other small household products may come to mind. Donations do not have to be limited to this, however. For example, if you have an automobile that is just sitting in your driveway and you know that you will never use it again, think about donating it! “Isn’t that too large?”,  you may ask. Certainly, an car is a large donation, but the Salvation Army will gladly take it in order to help a family that desperately needs it. The item might be auctioned off or sold at a discounted price to someone that deserves it.

Just like a car, a boat is an excellent donation to the Salvation Army, especially in Austin! Lady Bird Lake is just beautiful and people from all walks of life should be able to experience sailing in it. If you have a new boat and are stuck with the old one, or you just don’t have a need for a boat anymore, listen to the philanthropist in you and donate it to the Salvation Army. When generosity abounds in any given place, the world instantly becomes a better place to live.

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