Maintain Your Summer Wardrobe on a Budget

Whether from cultivating a garden or having the grandest adventure a sandbox has ever seen, summer has a tendency to ensure that your clothing sees a lot of wear and tear. Shopping at a local Austin Salvation Army will help families maintain their wardrobes without straining their budgets. 

Maybe you need a new shirt, or pair of shorts, or maybe your children outgrew everything they owned while sleeping last night. Either way, Salvation Army can help you out. Dropped your sunglasses over the side of the boat? With four locations in and around Austin, Salvation Army can help you meet all your accessory needs. Stop into any of the stores and browse through the sunglasses, belts, bags, shoes, hats and much more. 

Finding everything you need benefits more than just your family as proceeds from sales are fed back into the community. Bring in all of those clothes your kids outgrew because Salvation Army happily accepts donations so that more people can find great deals for their summer clothing needs. You can feel good about your purchases and make a difference for others at the same time.

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