Too small? We’ll take it!

The beginning of the new school year is the perfect time to assess your kids’ wardrobe. Although it might be easier to just clean out the closet by yourself, it’s really best if you can enlist the help of your child. Together, pull everything out and have your kids try everything on. If an item doesn’t fit, or if your child genuinely doesn’t like it, don’t put it back in the drawer. 

Store items that are still too big in a separate location where you can grab them quickly after the next growth spurt. Then bag up all those too-small items for the Austin Salvation Army. Gently-used kids’ clothing is always in high demand, so if you have something that’s in good shape, pass it on so that someone else can enjoy it. 

And if your child’s wardrobe is lacking, stop by our store and take a look. We may have exactly what you need!

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