The Austin Salvation Army Has Your Halloween Costume

Visiting any of the four Salvation Army stores in the Austin area offers an excellent opportunity to discover some creative inspiration for this year’s Halloween costumes.

Aside from possibly finding lightly used complete costumes for children and adults, you can also find quality clothing items that will set your Halloween costumes apart from the crowd.

The added bonus is that you can do this for an individual or even a small horde of kids for well under the cost you would expect to pay at a party store or other retailer.

Browse the selection of vintage clothes, work clothes or fashion clothes to assemble a costume that you can be sure will be one of a kind and won’t leave you feeling like a clone.

You will also be benefiting your community and the environment when you choose clothing items from the Austin Salvation Army since our stores help less fortunate people in this area and re-purposing clothes for your Halloween costumes keeps them out of landfills.

Also, when Halloween is over, you can donate the items back to us and extend their useful life for the future.

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