The Best Thrift Store Shopping Tips

By Ken Nobo

Would it be great to go to the clothing store, buy a lot of clothes and save a lot of money? Well, you could if you go to the thrift store to shop.

So I am going to show you some thrift store shopping tips to help you save money. In fact, you’ll save in tens of thousand dollars in the long run if you avoid retail price and shop at the thrift store.

Sounds good? Let’s dig right into it.

First thing that you want to buy at the thrift store is shoes. Why?

Because with shoes, you wear them often. They got a good return of investment. And shoes at the thrift store are cheap — I get a pair of running shoes for six dollars at the Thrift Store.

Now say I exercise 250 times a year. 6 (cost of shoe) divide by 250 is 0.024. So that’s about 2 cents per wear … and believe it or not, the quality of the shoe is good. It’s the same as buying $150 running shoes at some name brand store. And if the shoe breaks down, I’ll just get a new one at the thrift store!

Another thing you want to buy at the thrift store is jeans. (Hurray for jeans!)

Why? Because a pair of jeans would last you for 10 years if it is for casual wear. Plus they’re cheap and they look nice. But my biggest advice is buying clothes at thrift store because it’s cheap and plentiful.

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