Redo Your House for the Summer

Now that summer is on its way, consider freshening up your house with bargain purchases from a family oriented store. Add splashes of bright color with new throw pillows or floral throws. A new landscape painting or wall hanging can immediately perk up a room.  If you shop at the right place, a whole new look […]

Pay it forward

If you are looking for a way to make a huge difference in someone’s life, consider donating your old car or boat to the Austin Salvation Army. Your donation can really change someone’s future. This type of donation is also tax deductible. When you donate your old vehicle to the Salvation Army, you are giving […]

Clean up your clutter and make a difference

Do you have summer clothes and other items that you no longer want or need? If so, then you should definitely consider donating to a family store. Below are some of the benefits that you can reap from donating to a family store: Help Needy Families There are so many people today who are lacking […]

Salvation Army Family Stores in Austin Texas

For those living in Austin, Texas and the surrounding area, the Salvation Army operates four Salvation Army Family Stores that are conveniently located throughout the city. One Salvation Army Family Store is located at 8801 B Research Boulevard. This is in the northern section of Austin just to the north of Highway 183. Another Salvation […]

Donating to the Salvation Army

Giving back to our community is something many of us would like to do. We see so many around us each day who are struggling just to get by. We want to help, but probably don’t even know where to start. One of the easiest ways to make a difference is with a donation to […]

A Salvation Army Family Store is a wonderful place to shop for bargains. When you shop at the Salvation Army, you are not only getting a great deal; the money you spend goes to help individuals and families in your own community. Salvation Army Family Stores carry a large inventory of clothing for all ages, […]

Donate to the Austin Salvation Army By December 31!

Do you have a lot of extra clothing and/or other goods laying around at your home and simply collecting dust? If so, then you may be wondering what you should do with them. After all, they are likely taking up space that could be better utilized in other ways. For this reason, you may want […]

Looking to keep warm this winter?

The holidays take a toll on almost everyone, both emotionally and financially. And the surrounding winter months bring cold temperatures and a need for warmer clothing. You may wake up on the holiday to find pretty gifts of winter coats and gloves waiting to be opened. But if Santa or your family forgot to hook […]

Bell ringers

Despite the busyness of the Christmas shopping season, few things bring a smile to people’s faces like a Salvation Army Santa Claus bell ringer. Austin residents often forget about their day’s hectic rush when they see Santa ringing his bell and waving to shoppers as they head into the stores. Sometimes as well, people wonder […]

‘Tis the Season to be Thankful

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and you are most likely already getting things prepared for your big feast. The turkeys in the freezer, the list is made, the invites are sent. This year when you are making plans for feasting and spending time with your loved ones, it is a good time to think about all […]